California Drivers License Template PSD [CA Updated 2021]

California, a western U.S. state, stretches from the Mexican border along the Pacific for nearly 900 miles. Getting CA license can help you with the freedom of going anywhere you want to even on a provisional license. You can take your vehicle to anywhere you want to and you don’t need to wait for public transportations. We have the latest California Drivers License Design updated recently.

California Drivers License Template PSD

If you are looking for California Drivers License Template PSD Editable Photoshop File we have this latest version plus free fonts and Hologram / UV layers. It’s updated latest and new version of CA Driver license. Here you can download both front and back Driver license source templates to make a new one with your own details. Get full colored micro printing and high resolution CA template. You need Adobe Photoshop software to customize or modify it and you can put your name, address, photo, signature on it. Before using this template you must be aware of when and where you can use it. Template is professionally generated with clear and clean layers so you can modify each and every text, image and print correctly. We also create custom CA Drivers License with your information. Contact Us for Custom ORDER.

Learn step by step video tutorial on How to remove background of the photo headshot of drivers license template in Adobe Photoshop software.

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California Driver License Template Front HD

Back Side of the Template:

California driver license Back side ca
California Drivers license Hologram Overlay UV Layer Download Free New
California Drivers license Hologram Overlay UV Layer

California DL Template Files

Your Templates will be delivered automatically within few minutes after 3 confirmations on the Cryptocurrency network. Contact US if you need Custom California DL.

It’s available here front and back sides. Our designers will make a fake copy for you within no time. The download folder includes the following files: –

Files Included:

  • California DL Front Side PSD
  • California DL Back Side PSD
  • Fonts – Folder

Fake California Drivers License Template

You can put any Name, Address, License No. Date of Birth, Height, Eye Color, Picture, Signature, Issue date, expire date etc and make your personalized V3 Driver License which will look like the original. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile phone. You can verify online accounts including PayPal limited account, facebook identification problem, eBay, Amazon and other online verification websites by editing this template in PC, MAC, iPhone or Mobile.

New California Driving license Template PSD updated latest version

How to download this Template?

Simply go to the download link and place your order. You’ll get a downloadable link for this USA state scannable driver license within no time. The template is designed with standard California Drivers License Size followed by Motor Vehicle Department CA USA.

California Driver License Template PSD

High-quality Novelty Layers based PSD Editable Template of (USA State) California Drivers License. Instant delivery with excellent customer support. Go to the Download page. Place your order and get an instant download link.

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Are you looking for California Drivers License Template V2?

You can download this previous version from here. Front Side + Back Side Scannable + UV + Fonts (High Resolution) + Barcodes.

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California Drivers License PSD Template v2

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How to Renew California Drivers License?

How to renew drivers license in California, how long is the drivers license valid for, where can you renew your license and information on ID cards.

What do you need to know about renewing a CA Driver’s License?

The best way to find out whether or not you need to renew your driver’s licence and what documents and materials will be required by the clerk at the DMV office if you need o do so today is calling ahead before going down there. You may also go online at and check this out as well as find out if your licence is due for renewal sooner than expected (do keep in mind that some people may drive all their lives up to the day when they can not anymore due to medical conditions or other factors)

In California, those who are planning on renewing their California drivers licence need to make sure that it is up to date as far as name goes. In case of a legal name change you would need to provide proof of this upon applying for a renewal. You could also see if there’s anything wrong with your vision and do an eye test at the DMV office once you go there.

On top of that, California driver’s license renewal fees depend on which county you’re in and how long it has been since you last renewed your California driver’s license so this means checking these details out first before going down to the DMV office where they will give you exact numbers.

Most California driver’s license renewal applications are done online or by mail but if you don’t fall into any of these categories then you would have to go down to the California DMV office in person and apply for a California drivers licence renewal there.

Bear in mind that on top of fees, state-imposed penalties will be added on for renewing your California driver’s license late so it is best to avoid this since it can get pretty expensive.

Can out of state driver’s renew their California licences?

The answer is yes and no because not in all cases they can do so depending on what the licensing policies where in their original state were regarding out-of-state transfers. For example, California does not recognize driver’s licenses issued by another state for California residents who move there. California driver’s license is valid for 5 or 8 years, depending on whether or not your birthday falls in an even-numbered year.

The California DMV issues California drivers licences to California residents without any specific time limit but once you are moving out of state then you will have to update your licence within 10 days of the date that you actually leave California.

How long can a California drivers licence be renewed?

Most California driver’s license renewal applications are done online or by mail but if you don’t fall into any of these categories then you would have to go down to the California DMV office in person and apply for a California drivers licence renewal there.

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